Leak in shower/bath
Posted by Josh on February 03, 19100 at 14:19:49:
I recently decided to remove the tile from my bath/shower inclosure and replace it with a fiberglass enclosure. I had to remove the faucet handels and
sleeves and cut holes through the fiberglass to have them come through. I hung the new enclosure with Liquid Nails and let it set for 24 hours. I cleaned
and polished the faucet handels and sleeves and replaced them. I went into the basement and my fiancee decided to take a shower. I noticed a
moderate leak coming from the shower area, from within the basement. This leak is not coming from the drain. The drain is visable from the basement,
and I am sure that the leak is not coming from there. I am assuming that it is coming from either the faucets or the diverter. Why would this happen if I
didn't remove the stems? Any suggestions?

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