Noises in water pipes
Posted by John Williams on February 02, 19100 at 10:18:08:
I am in a new double wide trailer (excuse me - manufactured home). Moved in two months ago.
Since day one, there occurs a repeating sort of 'thumping' or 'light banking' noise whenever water is
drawn, HOT Or COLD. The noises come from both ends of the home as well as the middle. The
significance of that would be I guess that I have a bathroom at either end and the kitchen is in the middle.
All have sinks etc of course. The noise continues for a few minutes before stopping completely.

I have a well with submersible pump and a pressure tank under the house in crawl space.
Since the noise does stop, it seems to me that possibly water pressure is the culprit. That is,
the noise occurs but stops after the pressure gets built up again. Dunno - just my ignorant guess.
I don't know what is best thing to look at. Should I play with pressure settings at the tank? Should
I hold onto piping while mama draws some water to see if I can pinpoint the noises? Could I need an
air chamber? Oh boy!

Thanks for any suggestions. I'll try anything,


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