On what type of subfloor should a bathtub be seated?
Posted by Tim Hoerauf on February 02, 19100 at 08:10:29:
I have a 1952 ranch, and I'm in the process of remodeling the bathroom. The house has 1x6 planks
as a subfloor throughout the house. There is about a half-inch gap between these planks (this is relevent
to my question).

I have chiseled the old tile and cement out of the bathroom, which was sitting on the plank subfloor. I
now notice that the bathtub is seated on the plank subfloor. I plan to replace the tub, and wonder
whether it's better to mount the tub on the 1x6s, or on the 3/4" plywood I plan to place over it in the rest
of the bathroom (or on the 1/2" cement board I plan to put over the plywood). I see a couple of advantages
in leaving it the way it is now; the first is that the tub will sit up to 1 1/2" lower, allowing easier entry/egress,
and with the gaps in the planking, it allows ventilation under the tub. Does it matter?

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