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Posted by HJ on February 02, 19100 at 00:23:14:
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The upper thermostat is a more expensive unit, but the element control part is the same in both of them. The difference in the upper 'stat is that it also contains a circuit to activate the lower 'stat when the top of the tank is hot. So, it was not really the "wrong" part, it was just a part being used in a slightly different manner than normal. But thermostats normally last for many years, even for the life of the water heater. When they fail, it is often because of outside influences, such as lighning in the area or other power surges.

: Does it matter if in replacing an lower thermostat, a "upper" thermostat is used? Does it make a difference in the length of time that it will work that way before the lower thermostat needed to be replaced again? My original lower thermostat lasted 8 years. I called a repair man who told me I needed a new lower thermostat and replaced it. Less than 2 years later another repair man told me that I needed a new lower thermostat and that the first replacement was a upper thermostat put to replace the lower thermostat. The main company sent out both repairmen. I feel that I should not have to pay for the second repair since the first one I already paid for was done with the wrong part ( It was stated that a lower thermostat was used even though it turned out to be an upper one that was used). What do you think? Thanks for replying. C Gray

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