Loud noise in shower...
Posted by Adelina on February 01, 19100 at 15:24:39:
In recent months, my shower has developed a very loud, almost whistling noise. I hate to use the word whistling because it really is a lot worse than that. I have removed the shower head and even the bath spout and ran the water straight from the pipes and the sound is still occurring. It seems to be coming from the pipes behind the fiberglass shower wall. The plumber sent by my builder (this is a year-old house) came yesterday and quickly replaced the mixer or splitter inside the turning knob. I doubt I'll be getting any more help from him since he was very disinterested in fixing the problem for me. I am very desperate and need help because this sound is very loud and driving me insane. I have had several vague theories including possible excessive water pressure (but problem is not occurring at other sinks or taps), high calcium deposit clogging up the pipes (we have very hard water, but how would you fix already clogged up pipes?). I know nothing about plumbing, so please be detailed. Thank you.

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