elec. hot water heater thermostats
Posted by c Gray on February 01, 19100 at 12:41:48:
Does it matter if in replacing an lower thermostat, a "upper" thermostat is used? Does it make a difference in the length of time that it will work that way before the lower thermostat needed to be replaced again? My original lower thermostat lasted 8 years. I called a repair man who told me I needed a new lower thermostat and replaced it. Less than 2 years later another repair man told me that I needed a new lower thermostat and that the first replacement was a upper thermostat put to replace the lower thermostat. The main company sent out both repairmen. I feel that I should not have to pay for the second repair since the first one I already paid for was done with the wrong part ( It was stated that a lower thermostat was used even though it turned out to be an upper one that was used). What do you think? Thanks for replying. C Gray

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