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Posted by hj on February 01, 19100 at 00:44:39:
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IF the diverter is on the spout, then the water leaking out is designed that way, assuming it is not a large stream. If the diverter is a third handle on the wall, then it normally shuts off, and the easiest repair is to replace the diverter valve. And if it is a single handle valve, then that is the only repair youcan make.

: Before I spend a lot of money in replacing valves/faucets, I thought I'd ask you guys again for help. My diverter in the shower has a continuous leak through the spout while the water is running through the shower head. Will this condition cause the water pressure to the shower to decrease? Will replacing the o-rings/seals in the diverter correct this? You're advice on a previous problem was of immense help. Not only did it correct the problem, but it saved me alot of time and money. THANKS ALOT!!!Since you helped me, maybe I can help you -

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