Re: Bradford White Gas Water Heaters
Posted by hj on February 01, 19100 at 00:36:50:
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40 gallon heaters do not stay in the stores long enough to be "out of date". Your serial number will give its manufacture date and that is what governs the expiration of the 6 year warranty if you do not have the sales invoice. The installation is the only thing that would "bite you" if there is any problem with the inspection.

: I just had my old defunct water heater replaced with a Bradford White 40 gallon "short" variety.
: Out of curiosity I wanted to compare the price.

: I went to your price comparison page, but could not find any model #'s like the one on mine.
: Maybe you can help ?

: The model # is MI403S6EN12. The accompanying literature does not even seem to allow for
: this type of # in it's chart for determining tank and parts warranty. My fear is that I may have been
: sold an out of date model, and when I have it inspected to ensure it's up to code, it will come back
: and bite me.

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