Advice need on the proper setup of PRV
Posted by Brian Wong Shui on January 31, 19100 at 22:26:43:
Hi All,

I am about to embark on a trip to a third world country to help with a plumbing problem. I need some advice on replacing a Watts PRV.


House is supplied by public water. House also contains a water tank to supply water when the public water decides not to work (about 2 times a day in this third world country).

When the public water decides to work that day, they pressure the mains to 200+psi which causes havoc with the house fixtures. There was an existing watts PRV on the line but over time they blew out the diaphragm.

In addition to pumping high pressures, the public water also pumps a lot of air during the initial few minutes of starting to pump. This causes a lot of spitting pipes within the house.

Water may also contain sand at times.


I have bought a Watts N35 which is rated to 400psi to replace the U5B which was on the line. Is there anything else that I should do during the installation? Should I put a screen before the PRV to protect the valve? Does the daily draining of the PRV result in any damage? Should I install the PRV so that it remains "wet" ? Is there a product for automatic venting that will purge the air out of the line during the initial startup? Do I need a check valve before the PRV?

Thanks in advance.


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