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Posted by John Griffith on January 31, 19100 at 15:46:07:
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There have definitely been some major problems with polybutylene plumbing. If you would like to do some research as to what the problems are, make sure to check out Terry's page dedicated to Polybutylene Issues. You may also want to have a look at In reference to your replacement materials, don't rule out CPVC or Copper. You may want to have a look at to see what type of CPVC BFGoodrich is putting out these days. Its cheaper that PEX and in my opinion much more reliable. Terry also has a section of his site that is dedicated specifically to showing the different materials available when making this decision. Look for the section at the top of the page titled Pipes.

: While my supply pipes are copper, back in the 80's I used polybutylene for toilet and faucet connectors, as well as for a line from a supplemental water heater that supplies the dishwasher. (I set the main heater to 120 when my first kid was born.)

: All the poly is accessible. I've not had any leaks, but recently noticed talk of the pipe itself deteriorating and bursting. If true, I want to replace. Can anyone confirm this, either way?

: Also, I believe that PEX is one suitable replacemnt product. How about those flexible connectors that are sheathed in braided stainless steel? Would an LMP put one in a friend's house?

: Thanks in advance for your help!

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