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: : Hi all.....We are stumped.....About a week ago, just after we had the L.P. gas tank refilled, we started noticing a bad odor in the bathroom.....smells like someone forgot to flush the toilet...The odor comes and particular time that it is better or worse......It disappeared completely one day and then came back...We have a septic system...(3 year new tank)....there is no evidence of backup....There is no odor in the basement under the bathroom...There was a tiny leak detected where the washer line connects to the sewer line......that has been fixed...While the pipes were open, as the washer line was being fixed, the odor disappeared....It came back the next day....Thought it might be dead critters, i.e. mice, etc., but cannot find any...Thought it might be L.P. gas, (heating fuel), but no leaks detected....It's a mystery.....maybe a ghost or bad spirit (a la amityville (sp) )????? All help will be appreciated....The smell is sometimes overpowering..and sickening.........Thanks....Jan

Jan, Look for a dried up trap. Look for any fixture, washer,lav, kit sink etc that may not have a trap.All fixtures need a trap. You can have a bad wax seal on the toilet,won't leak water but will leak sewer gas.
Now i did have a dead cat in my duck work, wow what a smell. YUCK Do you have a well? Is there sulpher in the water? Do you have auto vents? if so one may not be working properly. Thats all i can think of right now. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

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