Re: Removing Shower / Tub Enclosures
Posted by Weogo Reed on January 27, 19100 at 22:35:02:
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Hi Andy,

I would start with the heat and putty knife.
If this doesn't go well, you may want to check construction adhesive tubes for common solvents.
Try getting solvent in between the drywall and top of the plastic wall.
Don't use heat and solvents at the same time!
Wear proper splash protection and the proper vapor filter.

Good health, Weogo

: Anyone have any experience removing the one piece wrap around bathtub enclosures?
: This is not a one piece tub and wall combo, just the vinyl (fiberglass?) fake tile wrap-around
: that starts at the top of the tub and extends up about 56 inches. I know that they are typically
: glued to the sheet rock using construction adhesive, can this be slowly peeled away using
: a sharp knife or chisel to separate the adhesive as you go? Would warming it with a heat
: gun soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove?

: Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences, ideas or suggestions.

: Andy

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