Re: Sewage Ejector Pump Odors?
Posted by James Landay on January 27, 19100 at 11:32:01:
In response to Re: Sewage Ejector Pump Odors?
: I'm in the process of purchasing a new downslope home in Oakland, CA.
: Because of the home's location, it has a large (75 gallon) sewage ejector
: pump/grinder

I purchased a downslope home in Oakland last year and now we are starting to smell odors when we come in the house. Checking the basement and the sewage ejection pump, I see that there are slight leaks in all of the seams from pipes going into or out of the pump. I assume this means the pump is backing up and not working well or at all.

The pump is probably 25 years old (from when the house was built.) Are these repairable or do you simply need to replace? What do they cost? How big of a job is it for someone to put one in?



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