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Posted by dick on January 26, 19100 at 10:06:30:
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Maybe you don't really want to get it out?? If it's corroded in that tight, the valve housing may be corroded to the point where the new cartridge wouldn't seal in it. If you have access to the backside of it, consider replacing it with a new valve. It might be a lot easier. and cheaper than calling out a plumber to get the old cartridge out. and also consider that if you call a plumber and he either A:can't get the cartridge out, or B: gets the cartridge out and the housing is unuseable, You will still have to pay him a hefty fee and then go buy a new faucet also!

: I purchased OEM MOEN valve replacement cartridge and valve removal & replacement tool. After removing the retaining clip , I used tool to attempt to remove 26yr old cartridge. The old ears on old valve insert were coroded thin so, that it futile to attempt to turn valve. The valve also could not be pulled using the puller. HELP. I have soaked the coroded opening with CLR for 2 mo. and old valve still cannot be extracted. What can I do to get this old incert out!!!!!

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