Re: qest polybutylene fittings and tubing
Posted by dick on January 26, 19100 at 09:48:28:
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: : the water system on my boat uses qest material. i am looking for someplace to purchase this material, in the dearborn/detroit michigan area, so that i may repair a leak.
: : i would appreciate this information. thank you
: : I hate to tell you this, but anything having to do with any type of polybutylene have basicly been pulled off of the market. I know because I ended up replacing piping completely, because of lack of materials. I guess Quest doesn't want to get sued like Shell did. Sorry.

Too late!!!! Quest alias US Brass already got sued over polubutylene, and went bankrupt. Company was reorganized and is back in business (with new ownership). I think they still make a few polybutylene fittings for repair purposes.

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