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Posted by PAplumber on July 16, 1998 at 22:45:58:
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"pegs out" is pretty vague, is it a 100# or 200# gauge or what? If it's over 75# then that pressure regulator must not be working. Not likely that it's thermal expansion if the gauge jumps right back up after the water stops flowing. In order for it to be thermal expansion the water heater would have to be running and even then the pressure wouldn't increase instanly. Also double check it with another gauge.

: After installing regulator ( 25-75 lbs ) when I check water pressure at faucet in two places, the pressure meter pegs out max and when I flush commode , it goes down to 70 lbs or so, when water stops running the pressure goes to max on meter....
: can thermal pressure be this high ??? thanks

: Hank

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