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Posted by curt on January 25, 19100 at 15:46:27:
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: We are remodeling an old farmhouse which has one section that is log. I am looking for the best method to heat it. There is no basement but we could possibly put a unit in an out building. I do not want to cut through the logs to put in duct work for a forced air system. Some of our rooms are small and wall space is at a premium. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I would think that forced hot air might be your best alternative. You need a crawl space to run duct work (insulated of course). The hot air systems would tend to use floor grates, which clash less with the log walls than baseboard tube-and-fin or electric baseboard. You might consider hot water with actual old cast iron radiators, except you mentioned wallspace is at a premium. A radiant floor might work, but retrofitting to existing old construction might be very hard.

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