Replacing Shower Valve Body
Posted by Andy on January 25, 19100 at 14:50:47:
I just bought an older home that has galvanized steel plumbing. Recently the bath tub spout
began leaking between the back of the spout and the fake tile surround wall. It leaks even after
the water is turned off, and I think it's coming from the hot water side.

I'd like to replace the shower valve body, but am unsure how to access it. I think it would be
easiest to "just peel back" the vinyl surround, but am not sure if this is possible. I think that they
are typically glued in place with construction adhesive, I don't know how hard it would be to
break this bond. I also don't know how flexible this thing will be, assuming I can get it free from
the wall, I don't want to crack it and break it from bending it too far.

My other option is to remove the exterior wood siding and plywood sheeting from the outside
of the house, break through the old lathe and plaster on the interior side of the wall, and access
it from that side.

Also, once I get in there, I'm a little leery of dealing with the old galvanized pipe. There are hot
and cold galzanized stubs coming up from under the house, I was thinking of using dielctric
unions at the top of the stubs and running 1/2" copper to the new valve body. Is this a good
idea, or should I use a metal "flexi" hose like water heaters use?

Thanks, any advice is greatly appreciated.


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