repairing shower that has no drain pan
Posted by Glenda Hartis on January 25, 19100 at 00:11:21:
Need to know what to do about a leak that is coming from the shower area in a converted garage apt. I know I have a leak (tile coming loose from floor, wall board has water damage). It is old construction (1940's) and appears to have been built by just laying tile on the slab (the tile only goes up the wall a few inches). The drain is way off center, so tearing it out to install a prefab would be complicated. The walls have a wire mesh of some kind with what looks like concrete on top. There is a leak from the shower valve (Harcraft?) that can't be fixed with new seat washers, or bonnet washers, I think they are called, (we tried that first) the seats are not replaceable. Since the leak here moves with the valve stem we are going to try replacing it (it is on back order) first to see if this is the only leak. But there is a lot of water damage behind the concrete, and the ceramic tile has started to come loose, if there is a leak here (floor) how do I proceed?

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