Reusing plumbing pieces
Posted by Tom Doster on January 24, 19100 at 14:36:08:
I want to reposition the ball valves feeding my washing machine
and would like to know of any concerns about reusing pieces.

The pipes in the wall run vertical and are half-inch copper.
Attached to each pipe is a copper T. The horizontal leg of the T
attaches to a short piece of pipe going to the valve.

I want to disconnect the valve at the T and replace it with
another valve configuration.

Will the T be clean enough to reuse once I remove the existing
horizontal pipe?

Will I have to clean the inside of the T-leg? With what and how
clean does it have to be?

I assume that everything after that is as normal: flux, fit
together, heat, solder, cool, test. I know I can solder brand-new
pieces together, I did part of the orginal valve job years ago
and played around with some test pieces yesterday. I just don't
have a any experience working with used parts.

Related question: What can I use from around the house to
shield the surrounding wood and wallboard from the heat of the

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