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Posted by Dick on January 24, 19100 at 11:15:24:
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What do you mean by "BEST"?????

Best guts in terms of longevity and dependability..probably any of the new "Ceramic" valves. delta, kohler, grohe, etc.

Best Fit and Finish??? This is very subjective and you can judge it best by hanging out in the home depot plumbing aisle for a while.

Best outsides in terms of longevity, preformance, ease of cleaning, etc. If an all chrome style suites you, almost any brand is excellent. Even the dirt cheap bargain brand chrome plated faucets generaly look good after many years of use. White or colored faucets are either painted or solid plastic. They require extra care in cleaning and will eventualy get scratched and dull. With resonable care, this will take quite a while. Polished Brass or antique brass Used to be bad news, requiring lots of care, ocasional spraying with clear laquer, etc. Some manufacturers are offering a high tech coating that is supposed to be much better, or at least it comes with an impressive garruntee. I have not used any of the new brass finished faucets.

Best in terms of price? If you are replacing a shower faucet with a different style of faucet. (3 handle to single handle, etc.) the cost of installation can easily exceed the cost of the faucet. Most of the better manufacturers (Delta ,Kohler, Grohe, etc.) make several pressure balanced, chrome plated, ceramic cartridge shower/bath faucets for between $100-$200. Unless you are really strapped for cash, price should not be a major consideration. If you opt for fancier trim, that can add another $100 to $200 to the price (you will still have the same "guts" in the faucet)

I just replaced an old 3 handle faucet mounted 6" above the tub with a 2 handle Delta Monitor II faucet mounted 30" above the tub. Also moved the shower head up 8". this was a ceramic tiled tub shower. The faucet cost $143 at the This was trivial compared to the amount of work to install it. This was basicly a two week end job, one to install the faucet, and one to repair the tile where the old faucet and shower head were. I would have gladly paid double for the faucet if it would have made installation and tile repair easier.

As to this specific faucet, I really like the way it is set up, separate handles for volume control and temperature. (I hate the single handle faucts that have no volume control.) Fit and finish are very good (all chrome). the tub spout is a very unimpressive chrome plated plastic. I will likely replace that with a metal spout eventualy. The shower head is nice looking metal unit, works well. The flow limiter can be bypassed by removing an o-ring from the connector.
Of course it is a little early to comment on the longevity or dependability (It's worked great for almost a week!!!)


: Who makes the best bath faucets? Fit, finish, performance, longevity, and price?

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