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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service LMP on January 23, 19100 at 21:05:12:
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: : I have a septic system at the house I rent. There are two four inch cleanouts coming up through the ground.
: : The system was not pumped for many years because the cleanouts were the wrong size. Just recently were they converted to four inch.
: : Large amounts of water started coming up through the ground after showers or toilet use, so I had it pumped.
: : The pumper took out about 750 gallons. Within two days of having it pumped water once again started coming up through the ground, only
: : this time it appeared much darker color with some foam. I looked into the cleanouts and it appeared that the tanks were full again.
: : The washer is not plumbed into the septic system, only the sinks, toilet and shower. There are only two of us that live here,
: : water use is not excessive and we have not had any significant rain in a very long time.
: : ANy idea what the problem is with the system? It is a very old house and the system seems "Mickey Mouse" to say the least
: : From having the main drain snaked out, it seems as if the main drain goes directly into these tanks. Thanks for any advice.

: E, I suggest you go to this site and you will have all the info you need. Your system is dead. The main sewer line is supposed to go into the tank. This site will teach you a lot about septic systems and how they work.Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

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