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: Help someone!
: Please explain the process/materials to consider when attempting a leak free shower remodel - specifically, we intend to replace a fiberglass surround with tile (shower stall only).
: We prefer not to use a fiberglass (or other) pan for the base. Instead we'll continue with our cermamic tile. Do we need to install a rubber backing (under the cement board) and, if
: so, what's it called? Also, how high should we build the "curb" ? Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

410.2 Shower Receptors Are Plumbing Fixtures And Shall Conform To The
General Requirements Therefor Contained In Section 401.0. Each Such Shower
Receptor Shall Be Constructed Of Vitrified China Or Earthenware,
Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Enameled Metal Or Of Such Other Material As May
Be Acceptable To The Administrative Authority. No Shower Receptor Shall
Be Installed Unless It Conforms To Acceptable Standards As Referenced
In Chapter 3 And Listed In Table 14-1 Or Until A Specification Or A
Prototype Or Both Of Such Receptor Has First Been Submitted To And
Approval Obtained From The Administrative Authority.

410.3 Each Shower Receptor Shall Be An Approved Type And Be So
Constructed As To Have A Finished Dam, Curb, Or Threshold Which Is
At Least One (1) Inch (25.4 Mm) Lower Than The Sides And Back Of Such
Receptor. In No Case Shall Any Dam Or Threshold Be Less Than Two (2)
Inches Or More Than Nine (9) Inches In Depth When Measured From The Top
Of The Dam Or Threshold To The Top Of The Drain. Each Such Receptor
Shall Be Provided With An Integral Nailing Flange To Be Located Where The
Receptor Meets The Vertical Surface Of The Finished Interior Of The Shower
Compartment. The Flange Shall Be Watertight And Extend Vertically A
Minimum Of One (1) Inch (25.4 Mm) Above The Top Of The Sides Of The
Receptor. The Finished Floor Of The Receptor Shall Slope Uniformly
From The Sides Toward The Drain Not Less Than One-Quarter (1/4) Inch
Per Foot Nor More Than One-Half (1/2) Inch Per Foot. Thresholds Shall
Be Of Sufficient Width To Accommodate A Minimum Twenty- Two (22) Inch
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