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Posted by Dale Plumbing Service LMP on January 22, 19100 at 22:00:04:
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: Need to know how to properly remove and replace a toilet. Also need to know what type of studs to use so there is no corrosion problems, and how to install them properly.

: thank you

Robert. Shut off the water then flush the toilet and use a plunger to push the water out of the toilet. disconnect the water supply (replace with new tank supply)then take the nuts off the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. You may need a pocket knife to get the plastic caps off first. pick up the toilet and carry it out side. Keep it level as you carry it . get help or use your little red wagon, The one you had when you were a kid.LOL. tip it over when out side and clean off the old wax. clean off any old wax on the flange. if the flange is level with the floor use a number 3 no seep wax ring to seal the toilet. If it is below the floor use a # 10 no seep. (a thicker wax ring.)Use 5/16th brass floor flange closet bolts. follow the instructions on the wax seal box as to temp etc. when setting the toilet. cut off excess bolt and put plastic cap back on. install the new water braided flex connector. turn water on and check for leaks. Dale Plumbing Service LMP

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