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The Plumbing Claims Group cannot handle a claim, unless the house has a history of at least three leakages within a 13 year period, assuming you house was constructed within the covered period. Check with your neighbors and see if they know of any houses in the area which have had problems. My experience has been that the problem is time dependent and if one house has a problem others will also within a short period.

: I've got a contract on a house built in 1996 with polybutylene pipes with copper fittings. According to the plumbing claims group, the resin use in poly pipes after 1995 was different resulting in a good product when used with copper fittings. I'm aware of the the chlorine theory but I can't nail anyone down on it. In your opinion is post 1995 poly with copper fittings O.K. or is the pipe a problem waiting to happen. My wife and I really love the house but we're unsure about the Pipe. Thanks very much. Chris........

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