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Posted by Dale Plumbing Service LMP on January 22, 19100 at 15:57:06:
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: I am finishing an appartment above a garage. The apartment is 30 ft wide by 50 ft long. The septic pipe exists the garage at the south west corner. I am putting the bathroom in the middle of the west wall (which is the 50 side of the garage/apt).Opposite the bathroom (28 foot across the garage) on the east wall is the Kitchen sink.
: My question: Can I put 1 drain vent by the bathroom (to vent the toilet,shower and sink) and will that also be adaquate for the kitchen sink across the stucture at 28 ft away? I will be using all 4" PVC as the main drain trunk thru the structure. do not want to put two roof penetrations in.

: Thanks
: Mark

Mark, the answer is NO. vent the kit. maybe you can bring the vent across the ceiling back into the main vent. That 4" vent only needs to be 2". Dale Plumbing Service LMP

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