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Posted by John Griffith on January 21, 19100 at 19:19:14:
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: I've got a contract on a house built in 1996 with polybutylene pipes with copper fittings. According to the plumbing claims group, the resin use in poly pipes after 1995 was different resulting in a good product when used with copper fittings. I'm aware of the the chlorine theory but I can't nail anyone down on it. In your opinion is post 1995 poly with copper fittings O.K. or is the pipe a problem waiting to happen. My wife and I really love the house but we're unsure about the Pipe. Thanks very much. Chris........

The pipe that was made after 1995 was made by Vanguard and should be marked with a red stripe. IF this product was in fact the cure to the pre 95-poly virus then why isn�t it for sale? You would think that Vanguard would have kept their product on the market when they found out that their largest competitors products had major problems. From having contemplated this issue from this perspective it only leads me to believe that either

A. The product was bad and had to be taken off of the market before they accumulated as much liability as Shell...

B. They were not 100% positive that the product had no problems and wanted to get out quick...

Either way I wouldn�t want it in my home!

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