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RESPONSE: Be careful of the commercial posts to poly questions. For example, John Griffith works for Plumbing Express who owns the and sites. You will also find them posting other sites and names through John Griffith, John Griffin, John Ellis, and looksmart. They tell you what they want you to know. If you do not qualify for the class action suits, we can provide you with alternative solutions o full replacements and a list of top contractors to get estimates from. You certainly need more than one or two estimates and several referrals. We will also tell you the questions to ask your contractor to make sure they have crews that are qualified to do the work in your home. For example, make sure you ask any contractor if he has left a job and the house caught fire from hotspots they left in the walls. This is a very key question for companies like Plumbing Express. If you would like the names of contractors in your area please feel free to e-mail me with your area.

Here are some websites with additional :

Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center - 800-356-3496 -

Spencer Class Facility - 800-490-6997 -
Poly site that references Class Action Lawsuit filed by the insurance industry against the poly resin manufacturers -
Site with confidential documents from Shell!!! -
Canadian Homeowners -
Canadian Homeowners -

: I've got a contract on a house built in 1996 with polybutylene pipes with copper fittings. According to the plumbing claims group, the resin use in poly pipes after 1995 was different resulting in a good product when used with copper fittings. I'm aware of the the chlorine theory but I can't nail anyone down on it. In your opinion is post 1995 poly with copper fittings O.K. or is the pipe a problem waiting to happen. My wife and I really love the house but we're unsure about the Pipe. Thanks very much. Chris........

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