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Posted by Terry Love on July 15, 1998 at 12:24:53:
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>Do Toilet Bowl wax rings come in various thickness?

Yes, they do.

>If so, how can one decide which thickness is best to purchase when replacing the wax bowl ring?

If the flange is recessed into the finished floor, most plumbers will use two standard thickness wax rings. The standard wax ring first, and then the wax ring with the horn on top.
Sometimes, if the flange is high enough, one wax ring will do it. The toilet should compress the wax at least 1/2" inch to create a gas tight seal.

>Would the Ultra Seal eliminate the question of Bowl Wax thickness?
I have not used the Ultra Seal. The following page may answer that.
It looks very interesting. My wife was asking me a few weeks ago why plumbers were still using wax to seal toilets. This may be an answer to that.

Is it advisable to use the UltraSeal in place of the Bowl Wax ring?
This is a new product to me. I would like to try this out before I comment more on it.


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