Re: Sewer Line Plug (HELP)
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service LMP on January 20, 19100 at 22:30:27:
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: I've got a major clog somewhere in my sewer line. I removed the cleanout caps, and there was water coming out through both risers.
: This should mean that the clog is between the cleanout and the main sewer system. (Right?) But I tried
: to snake the clog and was unable to get the snake in very far. The cleanouts are about 25 feet down the driveway
: and about 8 feet from the main sewer line.

: My first question is: Am I correct that the cleanout nearest to the street is the one facing the house, and that
: the cleanout nearest to my house heads toward the main sewer system and that the clog is between the cleanout and
: the public main?

Gill, yes you are correct on the clean outs. But let me tell you, you got a big problem. Get the plumber back to fix this. The line may have come off the tap while it was being backfilled. If he can get it opened he can camera the line and find the problem. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP
: My second question is: This is a brand spanking new house (Less than a month old) I have not had problems
: before this. Is it conceivable that I could get such a major clog so close to the main with no possibility for roots, etc, in my sewer
: line?
: there is a major plumbing problem

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