Rusty stuck on pipe
Posted by Michelle DeVries on January 20, 19100 at 13:42:50:
Ok, I don't know anything about plumbing.. my house is 30 years old and it's probably original pipes.
We were replacing the faucet in the tub and my husband bought the wrong faucet head without realizing it.
he figurd it was universal but he'd need to cut the pipe shorter to fit. Well he did but it leaked so he went
to buy something to stop it from leaking.. a gasket or something. Anyway he came back with the faucet
head that we were supposed to get originally and another length of pipe. The pipe has threads at both ends
. So what we need to do is unscew the pipe that he cut down, only we have been fighting with it for 2
days now.. it's really stuck.. the pipe has actually bent without budging. Is there a trick to this? I really need
to get this thing off! We even tried WD40. Please help!

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