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Posted by Marvin on January 20, 19100 at 11:51:22:
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: : If you have a washerless faucet - two handled - why would the hot side not work and the cold side will - even after you have changed the valves and you know they are in correctly?

: Marvin, I assume you turned the valves back on under the lav. During this job a chunk of rust may have lodged in the valve or the faucet. All i can think of is take the hot stem out and open the valve under the lav while holding a cup over the faucet. Then you should know what is going on. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

Dale, i've already tried that. water comes out of the valve really good. Once I put the cartridge back in, i still get none from the hot side. The cartridge is in correctly. Explain to me how the water gets from the cartridge and back over to the outlet. This i believe is the problem that i have. i think that i'm stopped up from the cartridge to the outlet or lav. is there any way of unclogging the inner parts of the faucet itself.

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