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Posted by Terry Love on July 15, 1998 at 01:14:34:
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I believe you are referring to the "Why does my hot water run out so quickly" on the FAQ page.
When I test for continuity on the elements, I do it with the power off. I like to disconnect the wires and touch the probes to the screws. that attach the wires to the element. There should be some reading there.
On electric water heaters, they commonly have two heating elements that work in turns. First the top element heats up the top of the tank, then power goes to the lower element. If the lower element is out, only the top of the tank gets heated. If the top element isn't working, there will be no hot water.
Sometimes the Reset button needs to be pushed or reset. If this doesn't get the element working, use a continuity tester to determine if the element has shorted out. Replacement of the element may be needed.
Step 7. With power still off, and the battery-powered adapter connected to your meter, touch probes firmly to terminal screws on the element. Any reading on the ohm scale generally indicates a good element. No reading indicates a bad element which should be replaced following the instructions in the manual.

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