Hot water tank pressure
Posted by Ted Anhorn on January 19, 19100 at 13:43:53:
I have a question about my hot water heater. Whenever a moderate amount of hot water is drawn from the tank (ie. For a shower, dishwasher etc), the pressure in the tank rises dramatically. I know this because the previous owner installed a pressure gauge on the hot water output pipe just after the pipe leaves the tank. Often I�ve checked the pressure gauge after showering and it is way past 100 psi. When the hot water hasn�t been used for a while, the pressure gauge sits at 50 to 60psi. Often, the pressure release valve on the hot water tank kicks in and dumps water onto the basement floor. I�ve installed a garden hose from the relief valve on the tank to the basement drain as a stop gap measure. Should the pressure relief valve be dumping water regularly or is there something wrong with the tank or the pressure system. It�s a fairly new tank�replaced two years ago. A friend suggested that the pressure reduction valve on the main water service line could need adjusting or replacing. What do you think?

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