Tile Shower
Posted by Tammy on July 14, 1998 at 14:58:21:
I noticed water stains outside the house between the brick and the concrete slab. The area was just outside the master bathroom, however, the shower is on interior wall. Then I noticed that the baseboard of the counter was moist and easily fell away from the cabinet. The floor is ceramic tile and the shower is ceramic tile as well. I also noticed an area of wetness on the wallpaper near the baseboard outside the shower. When I pulled the wallpaper back it became apparent that is was coming from the inside out. I had plumber come evaluate: the shower pan and the drain checked out okay. Then when he let the shower flow over the tile, the water began streamming outside. He advised us that it was the grout. When I touched some of the tile closest to one of the tiny cracks four tile fell off. Should I tear down the entire shower and rebuild it? It is obvious the wood and wall will have to be repaired/replaced. I am just wondering that since the water had to go under the tile floor to get to the outside of the house should this be pulled up as well? Tammy

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