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Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing Inc. St. Pete. FL on January 18, 19100 at 19:34:50:
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diane:--I too recently saw a blurb on this or a similar toilet. Although all the details were not furnished, in essence this is what I understand.
A woman from Dallas TX has filed suit against the manufacturer of an (un named toilet) for bruises on her head and shoulders that she received while using their product.
When asked how she received the injuries, the woman replied..."I was cleansing my face with toilet water, when the darn seat fell down".
Does this help at all?.......Bud.

I recently saw a blurb for a water saving toilet that has a wash basin built into the top of the tank so that the used wash water will drain
: into the tank and can be used in future flushes. Now that I am interested I cannot remember where I saw the write up. I want this toilet
: as much for it's space saving possibilities as for it's water saving. If you can help I would be very grateful.

: thanks

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