Clogged drain/no hot water--Please Help
Posted by Len Goldberg on January 17, 19100 at 23:30:33:
I have an upstains mastwer bath. I have a single lever/pull on and off faucet type. My son went up to take a bath. He said he turned the water on, and all very dirty water came on, like sewage. He let it run a minute or two, and it cleared up, but then the water didn't go down the drain. I went up and tried to plunge it down. but it did no good. I then turned on the water, and discovered that there was no hot water at all. When I mover the lever to the hot side, no water came out. I have hot water to the rest of the house, and the hot water heater seems to be working fine. I am at a loss as to what to do. I can understand the drain being clogged, but why don't I have hot water to the tub. ???????What, if anything, can I do to fix this. Do I need a plumber, a drain cleaner???? What????? Help.

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