Re: Leak finding - perhaps a stethoscope?
Posted by dan oliver on January 17, 19100 at 12:05:39:
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I found the culprit, and it was under the slab. Since the leak wasn't very far under, I was able to get to it by jackhammering a hole in the footer. Otherwise, I suppose I could have gotten to it by digging half way to China and tunneling under.

The moral of the story: A stethoscope only helped to identify which pipe had water running in it. It did NOT really help to locate the actual leak in this case, since it turned out to be under the slab. I suspect that if the leak had been above ground, I could have located it with the stethoscope. Note that when water is running through a pipe, a stethoscope will pick it up pretty strongly ANYWHERE in the pipe, regardless of where the leak is actually located...

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