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: We need some help and I thought I'd give your web site a try. We have a home that was built in the 1920's. When you come in the front entrance there is cupboard at the foot of the steps. When we moved in to our home I thought it was really odd that there was a toilet in the cupboard. The cupboard measures 37" X 27" wide (if you are sitting on the toilet). The cupboard is actually 5" wider tha the 27" but there is molding around the door frame. The height of the cupboard is 83". From the back off the toilet to the hole where toilet would attach to the floor is 9". We had a fellow come in to fix the toilet and he said that it couldn't be "snaked" and something was stuck in it. Something really odd and spikey. He said he never saw anything like it. (We had no idea what it could be. He removed a small piece. It wasn't any kind of toy) He removed the old toilet and tried to fix it but couldn't. He said that he doesn't think it can be replaced because of the 9" distance from the wall to the hole. The toilet was really small, even the toilet seat was smaller that what you can buy at any of the home center stores. The toilet pedestal was sitting on a built up block of wood that is 2-3/4" off the floor. I think they did this so that they could get enough slope in the drain pipe that is in the basement. There is a 3" dia black plastic pipe that comes out of the basement ceiling and slopes down a little and connects into the main drain pipe that is located very close to the outside wall. The pipe is 148" long and looks almost horizontal to me. The toilet used to get clogged and overflow often. Now we are thinking we might like to try to replace it because everyone has gotten really accustomed to using it. Any suggestions? Do they make small toilets for mobile trailers? Would an old fashioned toilet work - where the tank is up high? I'm not a plumber, and my description is probably not real good, but drop us a line if you have any ideas for us. I'd love it if we could get something with a nice strong flush.
: Thanks. Heidi

Heidi,Cj is right as to installing an offset flange. You than can install a power flush toilet. Ask your plumber if a power flush comes in a 10" rough. I am not that sure but if they do, go for it. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

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