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Posted by CS on January 16, 19100 at 14:57:48:
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9" is indeed a peculiar dimension but is probably what was supposed to be a 10" rough but is misplaced! Or, it could be a deliberate dimension that worked for a wall hung tank of that era. Modern toilets are available in a 10" rough dimension (usually special ordered) as opposed to the standard 12" rough used nowadays. An offset flange could be used to achieve the extra inch for the 10" r.o. toilet, if the floor can be slightly modified. This, however, does not address the pipe slope, or lack of, problem. The pipe in question should have more slope that you indicate. This must be corrected if stoppages are to be avoided in the future. The solution then is to correct the drain slope ($$$) and purchase a wall hung tank toilet or modifiable 10" rough standard toilet, assuming the existing one cannot be fixed. Then, be sure nobody in the family gains so much weight that one day the fire department has to be called to chop down the walls to extract somebody from the bathroom. This is always so humiliating and wonderful grist for the neighbors gossip mill!

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