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Posted by CS on January 16, 19100 at 14:37:55:
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Michael, there are a number of things that need to be considered on any repipe sizing. Among them are demand for water both temporal and volumetric, supply volume and pressure at the meter, and how the pipes are branched. Let's take an example. You and your wife and 3 children all get up at 6:00 am and take showers and baths at the same time in each of three bathrooms on the 2nd story of the house, while outside the sprinklers are running until 7:00am. Toilets are flushing, sinks are being used, and dishes are being washed. And this is happening all over the neighborhood, not just at your house. What happens to the pressure? It drops, and in close relation to the size of pipes. This needs to be taken into account by your plumbers, and should have been at the beginning, by attatching a recording meter to your supply to evaluate pressure drops and volume usages over time during a typical week of your routine. Then that data can be analyzed by an engineer to determine plumbing design. Bet this didn't happen, did it? Bet the plumbers came out and said, hey, this'll work pretty good what we got in mind and just fork over the money, see ya' on Monday with the backhoe. Ask them what they will do if you determine before they fill the trenches that the design is inadequate and you will pay them only after the design matches the criteria of your household use? Bet they get a funny look on their faces and start talking about sueing. This is the way it works. Good luck.

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