Repiping In Process - HELP PLEASE
Posted by Michael Roback on January 16, 19100 at 13:39:46:
I am in the process of repiping my house both inside and to the meter. The plumbers are using 1" copper all around including outside to drive sprinklers on three sides of the house. Areas are small ... each area has about 12 sprinkler heads or so. The house has a kitchen and three baths. The plumbers also said that they use 3/4" in certain places as well. They are very competent plumbers but I am curious about pipe sizes. I was told by one plumber that using 1 1/2 " ouside for sprinklers is good but all the rest tell me this is overkill. Should I stop the plumbers and tell them to use 1 1/2" or is 1" ok? The run from the meter to the house is about 20-25 feet.

Also, I am moving the water heater from a second story down to the first floor and have an option to move it to a utility cabinet next to a under-stairs crawl space or into a shed in the backyard. My preference is in the utility closet but the plumbers told me that this is more of a potential fire hazard than in the backyard??? I really don't want a shed in the backyard! I may build my house out which will make the utility closet an internal room at some point but still on the first floor. Also, the plumber is replacing a 40gal standard with a 50gal recovery tank which he says will produce much more consistent hot water for my family.

Finally, is 20-25 feet run from meter to house ok? I could put the main controls much closer to the street but it would require running all of the high pressure lines much further and under the backyard.


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