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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on January 14, 19100 at 19:39:25:
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: I have a common bath tub with standard drain, etc. It requires regular, twice yearly or more, removal of
: some kind of brown substance that forms around the inside of the drain pipe above the water line. If this
: substance isn't removed regulalry ( I use a garden hose to jet water into the drain to break it up) it
: releases pieces that rise up & float in the bath water. Also, the water drains from the tub rather slowly.
: The drain & pipes have been snaked thorougly on several occassions so clogging in the pipes is unlikely.
: The trap has been removed & the brown substance can be seen in the trap and drain pipe between the
: tub & the trap. Question is - how can I permanently get rid of this stuff? Thinking it might be living
: biological microorganisms, I tried pouring chlorine bleach into the drain without success. Your thoughts
: on this matter would be very much appreciated. Best regards, Dick

Dick, This may be something in the water or a bath oil your wife or kids are useing. I use BIO-Clean once a month to help keep the drains clean. Dale Peck LMP

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