Bath Tub Drain
Posted by Dick Kowalski on January 14, 19100 at 13:59:22:
I have a common bath tub with standard drain, etc. It requires regular, twice yearly or more, removal of
some kind of brown substance that forms around the inside of the drain pipe above the water line. If this
substance isn't removed regulalry ( I use a garden hose to jet water into the drain to break it up) it
releases pieces that rise up & float in the bath water. Also, the water drains from the tub rather slowly.
The drain & pipes have been snaked thorougly on several occassions so clogging in the pipes is unlikely.
The trap has been removed & the brown substance can be seen in the trap and drain pipe between the
tub & the trap. Question is - how can I permanently get rid of this stuff? Thinking it might be living
biological microorganisms, I tried pouring chlorine bleach into the drain without success. Your thoughts
on this matter would be very much appreciated. Best regards, Dick

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