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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on January 14, 19100 at 00:02:38:
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: I know I'll probably get a pro to do this, but our tub faucets are leaking at the spout. I thought it was the shower control, but that wasn't it. The water is hot, so it's the hot water faucet that's leaking. These faucets have extentions on the metal tubing that protrude through the tile. I'd like to get new faucets, but how involved is installing a new piece of tube to accommodate a new and different set of faucets?
: The constant dripping has increased to almost a flow. Also, about how much could this cost? By the way, THANK-YOU very much for your response to my question about the toilet.

Edward, You may have a delta but it's really impossible to say for sure. Repaireing this faucet shouldn't be all that difficult as long as parts are available. Installing a new faucet involves cutting into the back of the wall to get to the faucet. There are special tools to do it from the front also. Dale Peck LMP

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