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: why a comventional air chamber does not work for long? Is it because the trapped air is eventually dissolved in the water? Or the trapped air leaks out?

In order for an air chamber to adequately control shock, it must be of sufficient porportions and possess a prescribed displacemtn capacity of entrapped air. Correctly sized air chambers are referred to as "calculated air chambers" (which I seriously doubt you have). Even a calculated air chamber will only temporarily reduce the maximum shocks occurring in a line to safe pressure.

When water is drawn on a system, entrapped air is absorbed by turbulence and shock, and your air chamber quickly becomes "water logged".

It is a popular belief taht the air chamber can be replenished with air merely by closing the control valve on the branch line and opening teh faucet or fixture trim. However, it is impossible to replenish the air in this method, because teh chamber is on the pressure (Supply) side of the stop valve so the water inside will not drain.

Contact a local plumbing store and ask about water hammer arrestors. These devices are made by companies like Sioux Chief Mfg. and Precision Plumbing products. They utilize a piston which has a compressible gas in them which work much like a shock on a car, but they last almost forever. They are pretty inexpensive to buy, and can even be installed outside of the wall if you don't want to break into your wall. They need to be located within about 6 feet of the quick closing valve.

Hope this helps you!

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