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Posted by Bobby on January 13, 19100 at 15:23:27:
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: All the joints on my copper tubing (about 10 years old)are turning green. Is this a serious problem? Someone told me that pinholes may result from this and eventually lead to serious plumbling problems.


It's curious that the pipe is only starting to turn green after 10 years. Copper in it's natural state is green (witness the statue of liberty).

Because you say it is the joints that are turning green and not the tube, it may be possible that flux used to preclean the pipe is still on the fittings (both inside and out). Wipe the joints that are exposed to remove any flux that may still be there. You may still have flux on the insides of the cold water piping, and it would be very hard for you to flush the flux out, but I'm betting you won't have that same problem on the insides of the hot water piping. Can't tell you what to expect long term. If you do have a failure, it is probably "flux-induced".

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