remodel bathroom
Posted by Gene Roll on January 09, 19100 at 11:14:18:

I need to do something about my kids second floor bathroom. This is an older home which has the ear marks of an owner built home, or at least planned by the owner. When my kids get careless in the shower which is above the kitchen table on the first floor, water drips from the light fixture over the kitchen table. I believe it is leaking through the bathroom floor. The bathroom floor has linoleum and is discolored behind the toilet which sits next to the tub.

I would like to replace both the tub and toilet and also take up the linoleum and put down tile. What should I look for in the subfloor? Is plywood suitable for this or should I look at something else? What can I do about future water spills on the bathroom floor?

Thanks in advance;

Gene Roll

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