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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on January 08, 19100 at 21:47:52:
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: When the shower is on, I get water leaking from the right corner onthe side of the drain and knobs. The Caulking on that side isn't very good but I think the leak may be coming from the
: drain or the shower head but I'm not sure how to test it or fix the problem. Any tips?

Emil, take your shower head off and put a cap on the chrome nipple. Then turn on the shower. You can take off the front cover first of the faucet and use a flash light to see if the shower arm is leaking. The shower arms will break where it screws into the drop ear 90. Also get a 2" test plug and plug off the drain. fill the shower pan and see if you get any leaks then. Do one test at a time. Dale Peck LMP

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