Re: moving bath & shower valves and piping from behind tiled wall
Posted by Dale's Plumbing service on January 06, 19100 at 22:14:06:
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: I have a 62-yr-old wood-lath-and- plaster house, with master bath and second bath upstairs plus 3rd bath
: on first floor. Am entering extensive remodeling of all 3 baths plus 1st floor kitchen. Recent leakage of
: tub and shower valves behind wall tile in upstairs bath has destroyed plaster ceiling of kitchen below. In
: remodeling, I want to choose tub and shower piping and valves which install in front of tile wall so that
: any future leaks drip into tub or shower stall rather than into the wall. Who makes such exposed,
: polished piping and valve systems? I am not interested in any system that utilizes a shower hand set
: that slides up and down a tube. The answer to my question should produce a classic installation
: suitable for any bathroom. P.S. I appreciate the extensived knowledge you reflect in your web site.

Truett, You draw me a design and tell me what faucet you want and I'll bet i can build it.But somewhere you will have to enter the shower with the water lines. If you use real brass pipe and a real good faucet, (Ghroe)I'll bet if you live to be a hundred you won't have a leak. 40 years from now brass pipe will look like it was put in the week before. You can run this pipe clear to the basement then use conventional copper. K copper if you choose to. The best.I can chrome any pipe you want exposed in the shower. I looked at a few sites and couldn't come accross what you want,but I'll bet somewhere in Europe they are made. Dale Peck LMP

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